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Subtitling is too tedious, so I just wrote down general points he was making.
Also, he uses the following words very frequently:

  • taba = fat = usually a hero that’s fed lots of resources
  • lugi = disadvantaged
  • sobrang = very (e.g. sobrang taba = very fat)


They’re playing as 3 players in a squad and they’re showing
their badges to let the other members in the team get a sense
of how they play and for the other players to follow the squad.


Honda is explaining that they’ll try a 1-2-2 rotation and
they’re expecting the enemy to use a 1-3-1 rotation as that’s the
current meta. This is to find out what the better rotation is.
1-2-2: 2 mid, 2 bot, 1 offlane at the top
Mid mage, Marksman bot


Honda talking about how to treat other players if they don’t follow
your squad. If they follow, better but if they don’t, leave them be.
Don’t trash talk them. Worst case, they might throw the game.


Honda is picking Hylos because of his experience with Grock.
He uses Grock so he knows its weaknesses. Hylos can take on Grock.


They’re also playing with random players so they’re expecting the enemy
to run 1-2-2 or 1-3-1 but he’s expecting they’ll run 1-3-1 as it’s the
current meta.


He’s talking about the current lineup of Grock, Chou & Nana. Usually, they’re
picked for 1-3-1.


For 1-3-1, it’s 1 core hero. For 1-2-2, it’s 2 heroes that they’ll feed - mid mage
& bottom marksman. If the 1 core hero in 1-3-1 doesn’t go stronger, they’ll be
able to win it. For 1-2-2, it takes a bit more time because they’ll have to wait
for bottom hero to get stronger and the resources are split.


He picked flame shot for zoning/pushback capability e.g. Chou dives in, you can
use flame shot to zone him out.


Honda talking about using the loading screen to look at his possible item builds.
Likely in this game, warrior boots & athena because of 2 mage enemy lineup & 2
flame shot. He’s also concerned about 2 retribution on the enemy lineup. Grock
has retribution, so he’s expecting Grock to be focused on objectives or invasion.


But, because Grock is only Retribution and Honda is using Flame Shot, Honda isn’t
too concerned as Grock won’t have mobility to escape if Grock’s already used his
1st skill.


Honda mistakenly bought boots because he was busy shoutcasting (lol).


Honda saying their enemy is on a 1-3-1 rotation. Their enemy is all random players
and they’ve been able to manage to get everyone a lineup for 1-3-1 so it’s
important to talk with your teammates especially when playing random.


Honda starts talking about getting Bulbasaur (or Cabbage) in early game so early
blue jungle won’t have damage. If you don’t, there’s a chance that your enemy will
invade. (I’m not familiar with the high-level gameplay, so I’m guessing this means
that your enemy will attack you while jungling.)


Honda talking about prioritizing resources and hold off on clashes.


1-3-1 lineup showing it’s strength in mobility & resource focus and as early as
now you can see that 1-2-2 is at a disadvantage.


1-3-1 lineup means there’s 1 open hero at the bottom and now the roaming 3 heroes
can respond there so it’s a 4v2 situation immediately. The 2 bottom hero will die
so it’s better to just trade objectives. Responding to calls for backup at the
bottom would only result in some teammates (or your whole team) dying and you’re
worse off because you lost an objective & you had deaths. Your enemy will just get
a massive economic advantage against your team.


Peeking into turtle and Honda is saying that if the enemy went to bottom lane,
their team will take turtle. Clash in the midlane, but Dex Star burst Nana while
Nana is in passive skill. Honda used Flame Shot to zone out and escape.


Honda wants to wait for Athena for toughness. Currently just built Warrior Boots.
Honda peeks into Turtle as he’s expecting them to Turtle & clash happens and Lunox
got cornered.


Honda commenting that 1-2-2 is at a disadvantage (sobrang lugi) against 1-3-1, noting
Wanwan is probably very fat (sobrang taba)


Claude can now be left alone at the bottom as he can take care of himself now so
they’re shifting now to modified 1-3-1 as they’re using a mage as the mid core.
Blue buff on Lunox, Red on Claude.


Honda describing advantages of 1-3-1 vs 1-2-2. Gold & responses. Honda sees Nana
and notes automatically that core hero (Wanwan) is there.


Honda gets caught in the middle and escapes and notes that the only thing he
can do is distract them and just micro. They’ll be using experience (in game sense)
now as their lineup is at a disadvantage for now. They didn’t want to commit
to the clash too much as they’re waiting for Claude.


Honda talking about late game. Their team only need to shut down Wanwan (enemy’s
core hero) in the late game. Their enemy has to finish this game early and if
they don’t, there’s a big chance that Honda’s team will win late game. Hard to
deal with Wanwan this early game as they’ve got 2 members always guarding Wanwan.


Using flame shot to peek into bush.


After Athena, Dominance and then Twilight Armor. Honda talking about both items


Honda talking about response to objectives vs clashes/kills. Also, it’s important
to deny Red Buff from 1-3-1’s core because Wanwan is a marksman.


Honda talking about Hylos passive: mana in the item converts to HP that’s why he’s

using Dominance & Twilight (as Twilight has mana?)


Clash starts, tries to focus on Wanwan but dies.


Talks about playing as a squad and focus on the strategy. Other (random) players
in the team are there to help out but you shouldn’t obligate them to join in
your gameplay.


Enemy marksman refuses to die. “May sa pusa” means “like a cat (with 9 lives)”.


Wanwan still got last Red Buff because of Retribution. Honda commenting that they
just need to kill Wanwan to build up momentum.


Lord will be used to buy time & build up farm. Honda noting that the enemy made
a mistake on the clash.


Twilight armor for crit resistance (no damage more than 900)


Tried to push top tower but failed, at least deny Red Buff from Wanwan. Without
Red Buff, he won’t make any damage on Honda. “This is my last death”. Honda
talking about item counters for tanks.


Twilight + Dominance would be really tough against Wanwan.


Honda’s team will likely wait for Lord in 100 seconds (before ending the game)
as well us denying Red Buff from Wanwan.


Clash ends in 2-2 trade. Uranus tries to kill Wanwan still survives.
“Anak ng diyos talaga itong si Wanwan” = Wanwan is really the son of god (lol)


Denies Red Buff from Wanwan. Gets Twilight Armor and Honda thinks of building
Courage Mask but prefers Brute Force Power or Immortal but he’ll wait and see.


Explains what will happen in this Lord fight because the enemy has 2 retributions.
Claude will engage Lord then if Grock & Wanwan responds, they’ll stop the Lord
and then engage in the clash. They don’t want to take any chances.


Clash happens (as Honda predicted) and Wanwan gets taken down. If you’re playing
a 1-3-1 rotation, the hard carry should be really careful and should probably stick
to the backline. They win the clash in a 4-1 trade and proceeds in getting the Lord.
Honda commenting that they were able to do a comeback and that their enemy was not
able to maintain their momentum considering they had a good lineup.


Honda changes his mind and wants to get Antique Cuirass instead of Immortal for maximum
armor against magic & physical attacks.


“That was a nice flame shot by me”. (Pats self on the back. Self love, you know.)


“This is done. Wanwan used his SS and nobody died. But I didn’t notice that our core
died, haha. I’ll go home for now.”


Wanwan doing no damage. lol
Honda backs off a bit to wait for their core carry even tho
ugh they can probably
take the clash because it’s more fun if everyone is there. :)
If they did fail the clash & their core was left alone, he’ll be sad :( and will
probably die because there’s no tank. Anyway, Uranus is there to also tank.


It’s really hard fighting against 1-3-1. 1-3-1 has ultra fast rotations so you
really have to adjust to the current meta (and probably he means that you should
definitely run 1-3-1)