Stream of Ry

Tech and business. Sometimes personal. Mostly tech.

Wants (aside from coding/working)

Things I want to do during ECQ: #

  1. Fix Ash’s fence
  2. Clean up my whole room
  3. Bake bread

Things I want to do after ECQ: #

  1. Haircut
  2. Ride a bike around UP with Angel
  3. Drive to Antipolo to see the Manila skyline without smog
  4. Drive to Tagaytay to have coffee overlooking Taal Lake
  5. Go to the gym
  6. Yoga
  7. Build Ash a dog house
  8. Go around using my electric scooter

Things I want to buy after ECQ: #

  1. Cheap surplus Japanese bike for Angel
  2. Lumber
  3. A desktop computer
  4. New earphones