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The Definition of Insanity

About 4 years - maybe 5 years ago, we decided we’ll wrap up our remaining projects and close shop. The years prior felt like an infinite struggle and it has been year after year of saying “Let’s close down.”

Here we are: 10 years since we started, 5 odd years since we decided to stop. Still alive. Still pressing on. Funny how the universe conspires.

Make no mistake, we would not have survived without others. Intelimina who propped us up and allowed us to continue. Friends who support us; some of whom also work with us. Clients who took a bet in us and still continue to do so. Our employees who decided to work with us and continue to do so.

From the bottom of our hearts - thank you.

We started this company because we wanted someone else to pay for our eat outs. The past decade has been a slog but we sometimes still get to eat out. Life is still good. We spent the past decade growing up.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity and we’ve been nothing but preparing - equal parts psychologically and technically. We’ve been getting lucky since we decided to close shop.

We are stronger now because we struggled so we will continue to struggle with bigger things.

We are better now because we never stopped building so we will continue to build better things.

We are wiser now because we made so many mistakes so we will continue to make better mistakes.

I know that the next decade will be different but in some ways still the same.

Why persist? Because nothing worth doing is ever easy. Hard things are valuable things.

To what end? To be the very best. Like no one ever was.

Happy 10th Anniversary.

Rystraum F. Gamonez

Founder President & CEO, Loudcloud Inc.